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Felwin wrote: 1 year ago
dozer wrote: 1 year ago
swampash wrote: 1 year ago It‘s a relative statement dozer, as in Martial for instance need to put in a proper shift instead of just sulking around the pitch.
Is it really that difficult to understand?
That would make Martial a completely different player.
It's an impossible ask. I don't think I've ever seen him not do that even in his good games.

The others try hard but don't score. Its a difficult skill and it's not as simple as stepping up. Its like asking ddg to suddenly pass well. Not happening.
Sometimes get the feeling you’ve never watched football, Dozer.

Sometimes players perform beyond what you can reasonably expect from them. Remember when Wigan beat city in the FA Cup final for example? Wes Brown got the assist for Ronaldo’s goal in the 2008 Champions League Final - would anyone have predicted that? Luke Shaw scoring in the Euros Final… countless examples of players suddenly looking like world beaters.

That’s what swampy means. As awful as Martial has been, the talent and technical ability sometimes align in a moment where you see the reason why he was signed pro and tipped for greatness. The consistency makes players top level.
Exactly .
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