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dozer wrote: 5 months ago
Sid wrote: 5 months ago Does Bruno fit into Hag's system? He's a pure flair player that always tries the risky pass. I think he'd be better off in a solid defensive team where he can afford to give the ball away a lot.
Bruno gives the ball away a lot because he's got the license to try that risky pass every time he gets the ball. This is also why he creates the most chances, not just amongst United players but in the league.

If we dominate games he should be easily be able to adapt since we'll have a lot more opportunities to score. He's a top passer so if he chooses to keep possession he easily can.

Hag's system isn't visible yet. We're still struggling so I can understand why Bruno gives his all trying to create chances at every opportunity.
That's what I mean, I can't see Bruno working in Hag's system, he's going to have to be a lot more disciplined. He won't have license to be as creative as he is right now cos he gives the ball away too much.
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