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...agreed. It’s nuts.
Fuck the Glazers
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JoelfuckingGlazer wrote: 9 months ago
Sid wrote: 9 months ago
swampash wrote: 9 months ago I’m really concerned that Ralf is signaling he’s prepared to walk away from the consultancy. Suggest he already knows the owners won’t back the open heart surgery that’s needed.
I thought that too. You can't blame him if he walks. There's no point in hanging around and damaging his reputation.

But part of me also thinks the consultancy role was bullshit anyway - another thing to placate fans. From what Ralf said, the club haven't talked about his consultancy role since he got the manager job. He seems none the wiser. Alright he's manager right now, but a future consultant should have been consulted on the new manager. But he said he wasn't.

All it seems like he's done is give them the diagnosis of the club and how to fix it. And now it's up to the Glazers what they do with that info.
The madness is - and I still can't get my head around this - fixing it would save the club money!! The amount we've spanked on shite players. Get a proper recruitment system in place, get a proper sports science and data analytics team in place amd we'd avoid so much wasted cash, we'd grow the value of our players and we'd avoid losing players to injury. It makes zero fucking sense to me.
I think the Glazers view is why bother putting time and effort into that stuff when they're getting their dividends anyway. It's working. They're getting rich, borrowing against United etc. The only real problem is fan dissent cos that threatens the profits eg when we got the Liverpool game cancelled, cost them 200m in a sponsorship deal etc.

There are loads of poorly run businesses that operate like this tbf. It boggles the mind of any sensible non greedy person. Government departments too, that just piss money away repeatedly due to incompetence, indifference, neglect. It's widespread, and it seems the Glazers are just another set of cunts that are at it.
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