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OliverB wrote: 5 months ago I have noticed in the last 2 days that as soon as a I make a post - I get logged out.

It doesn't happen every single time though and if I log back in I seem to get immediately logged back out.

I remember from running a forum years ago that there was a script that would end sessions after x minutes to save bandwidth but if it was that I think it would have been happening before the last 2 days.
You seem to have quite a short memory, Oliver B. The last time you posted about this issue in this thread was here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2569&p=169983#p169983

No one else had the issue then either. Do you think it could be you?

It's nice to know you're a forum-running expert who knows how to expose the phpbb version using scriptkiddie methods but there's sort of a reason that it's not generally shown to the public. Probably best not to post it for all and sundry, don't you think? I don't really understand whether you're trying to be helpful, critical, take over running Rant so you can turn it into a behemoth like Red Cafe, show how clever you are or what? Do tell us...

With respect to your "issue". The only thing i've seen similar is when i was on the very, very edge of connectivity using a phone. SSL is quite unforgiving. Perhaps you need to get a better wifi signal?
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