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Fuck the Glazers wrote: 3 months ago
Felwin wrote: 3 months ago Just back from a week with the family in Tunisia. Quiet time of year and lovely weather but it was a bloody petri dish out there. We've all come back rotten. Wife and one of the kids on antibiotics and I reckon I'm next :))

Not their fault like, absolutely lovely people. Not sure we'd go to the med at this time of year again though. Much better early summer IMO.
Isn't it cheaper at this time of year though? I need a fucking holiday. Not happening any time soon though.
Yeah it was definitely cheaper but comparable to April/May when we normally go for a cheap holiday. Weather is just as good but in spring/early summer there's not so much illness knocking about.
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Sounds horrendous Felwin. Hope you are all well on the way to recovery.
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