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Fuck the Glazers wrote: 1 year ago
JoelfuckingGlazer wrote: 1 year ago
Fuck the Glazers wrote: 1 year ago Big win but the performance was shite. Fatigued and devoid of ideas. Brentford changed their way of playing and parked the bus which helped us control the game. Only towards the end did they come out and play.
Bit harsh for me that, Sid. Lacked a bit of spark in terms of end product, but much better in terms of energy. Reality is, without Casemiro and Eriksen, its a big, big drop off.
Shite is probably strong when you factor in it was a high pressure game against a team that battered us previously. I noticed Martinez celebrating quietly at around 88 mins when a Brentford shot went over the bar.

It was just a frustrating one cos I wanted more goals but it just never felt likely. And I think we were helped by Brentford sitting deep and not pressing.

Also as a side it felt like there was a huge drop off in energy from both teams mid way through the second half. You can tell there are just 10 games less and that many players played a world cup inbetween. Mad really.
Yeah I get all that. There's still a lot to do here. If I stop and really think about how many ins and outs are needed to make us a tip side, we need 6 or 7 in. And probably double that going out
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