Lineker and MOTD

Political Debate
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Did anyone watch it?

Shambolic affair all round. 20 mins of drab highlights,no commentary, was pure shite.

Beeb have got themselves into a pickle on this one!
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Sky are obviously using this as a stick to beat the BBC with but it doesn't change the fact Solhekol makes many valuable, banging points

The BBC has always been a state broadcaster and when it crosses the line kowtows to the gov

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The tories must be rubbing their hands together with glee knowing that they've managed to turn this into an issue about Lineker and more negative shit about the BBC as an institution instead of a debate about their abhorrent policies and rhetoric.
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The illegal immigration bill is just another plank in the strategy for the next general election. Fights being picked all over the place that will facilitate another xenophobic Brexit style campaign.
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