Manchester United - Premier League Fixtures - 2022/23

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Jason wrote: 1 year ago Leeds is off now as well ffs.

I get it that its a policing issue, but did no one think about this before cancelling last weekends games.

Almost every other sport continued as normal, but when it was obvious there would be more clashes with the funeral on this coming weekend, they still decided to call the whole fixture round off the past weekend.

Calling off football, but rugby goes ahead, wheres the thought process in keeping football on not being respectful?
Cos it's a largely working class game? That's all I can think of. They've cancelled all kids games as well, even charity matches.

Tbf though as bad as this is, they're also closing doctors and cancelling hospital treatments including operations on Monday when they (finally) bury the queen. It's utterly ridiculous. As I keep saying most people are not that arsed.

I was in town on Saturday and there were about 15/20 bunches of flowers at the official memorial. They'd set barriers far back expecting thousands. There was a bigger queue for the burger van.
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