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Sky Sports have a wee bit about Dean Henderson being angry at the club.
Deano Henderson wrote:"The conversation I had, coming out of the Euro squad, was that you're coming back here to be the number one goalkeeper"
Shocks me that he believed it, not many clubs could afford to sign David from us and we were never going to have Dave sitting on the bench.
Deano Henderson wrote:"To sit there and waste 12 months is criminal really, at my age. I was fuming."
Surprised that he didn't kick up a fuss and demand a January loan move.
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He sounds like a right cunt.

One of the leaks and problem characters last season apparently. He's well and truly pissed on his chips here now.
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We do treat players terribly tbf, and managers. But still, he should leave if he wants first team football. There's a touch of the Pickford about him so I'm not sure he should be our long term number one.
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